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Your Everyday Activities
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That local coffee purchase, when your activity tracker notices you “working out” when speed walking to your gate, and your responsible mindset to order rideshare during that not-so-sober Mom’s night out, are all actions that have value. Value in the way of data. Large companies collect this data, lump you into a subset, and send that subset a targeted ad for a new kids rolling suitcase…which they get paid for. So we asked ourselves, why can’t you, as the engine to this data creation, benefit?

Kedge rewards you for your data.

Here is How
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Connect the apps you want Kedge to mirror your data from.


As you go about your day, Kedge gives you points for everyday activities from those connected apps.


When those points add up, you decide where you want to redeem for $ off.

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We let you decide the benefit you want from the data you’ve created.


We are transparent. We show you the data you produce and how it’s valuable.


We only benefit when you benefit. We get a kickback when you redeem.


We work in the background. The only action for you is the initial connection and where to redeem. Kedge does the rest.

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